Topic: Cork sufficient protection for aged wulong?

I got a jar of aged Dong Ding a couple of months ago. It's a bronze prize competition winner, and so it comes in it's own special jar. That jar, however, comes with a big cork (approx 4" in diameter) to seal the jar. I'm just wondering if I should trust the cork, or put it in a better container? I Googled a bit on corks, and I'm finding conflicting information; some says that cork seals airtight, and others say that it lets "just enough" air through to allow wine (for example) to breathe and age a bit.

Re: Cork sufficient protection for aged wulong?

Sounds cool, where did it come from?

I think a cork is sufficient, however, it does allow "just enough" air.

It probably doesn't even matter if you plan to re roast.

That said, you are probably more of an expert on this than I.