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Topic: LA pu'er tasting

Jason, Davin, Roy, Louise, and I did a quick blind tasting of some pu'er teas the other weekend.

We first tried a bunch of random samples (mostly very young teas from 2008) I had from Scott of Yunnan Sourcing:
http://puerh.blogspot.com/2009/01/puer- … -bing.html

Then we tried 3 teas sold as Menghai '99 teas:
http://puerh.blogspot.com/2009/01/puer- … -1999.html

I'm not that experienced with competition tasting, and especially the young stuff sometimes gets so bitter or astringent that I can't taste much... especially when I slurp it across a spot on my tongue that's particularly sensitive to that flavor, it's hard to recover. Anyway, my point is, please consider our opinions with a large grain of salt. I've tried the 3 '99 teas brewed normally as well (one of the ones I have, either the 7542 or a '99 CNNP yellow label really hits me in a strong way, but not in a good way - it makes me feel uneasy or something).