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Has anyone come across a good example of the Japanese matcha ceremony online?

I have a friend that has studied it and I'm trying to get her to do it so I can tape her and post for sharing.  I don't know much about the ceremony and what an authentic one should look like, so if you guys have advice or recs, I can pass them onto my friend when/if she agrees to this educational project!

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Re: Japanese Tea Ceremony online

The video "A Tea Gathering at San Francisco's Urasenke Society" is well produced, in English, and seems pretty authentic to me.

Unfortunately though it tries to be artful instead of showing all the steps in sequence. … re=related

This is a pretty good recording. There are plenty more out of Japan but they are poorly produced and not easy to see what is going on.

Re: Japanese Tea Ceremony online

I realize this is a very old thread, but if anyone has any other examples that are authentic please do share :)