Topic: Clay chinese teapots

It´s my fist experience here, and sure I´ll punish the english lots of times. I´m spanish, here there we habe to small posivilityes to study about aour teapots. I use them not for their precedence, because their quality getting me a good tea, but I buyed a lot of them, quite cheep, provabli som of them antiques, from philipinas war, in the last years of the 19th century, and other sure quite young. I tryed to undertand a bite aroun yixing teapots, but without fine results. And finaly I arrive here like a completly amateur student, I´ll want to put photos of my tea ware, but I can not find how here, I´ll be so gratefull if somebody learn me. My name is Roberto, my english is horrible, I come frome a could part of Spain, quite similar Ireland, not the beachs and bulls Spain, It is not Spain really, and I´m quite happy to know you and learn all you want to say, there is a posivility that I can learn you a bite. Regards and good nigth, from here