Topic: 80s Aged Red Tea

I was never a big fan of Chinese red tea, usually loosing my interest after a few cups.  During a recent tea gathering, I was very impressed with a 1980s Yunan red tea that was meant to be exported to Russia but somehow never did in the end . The tin packaging was this interesting bright bottled green colors quite common during the 80s. The tea was very impressive, deep, almost like a aged Puer and has a interesting sweetness to it that is sharp and rich and  what surprises me was the cha QI, which built up steadily and slowly after a few brew. The reason I was never interested in red tea is becasue of the lack of cha QI and character but this one is a special find! I have drank all kinds of aged tea from white to Liu an and even 30 years old aged green tea but this is the first time i came across a aged red tea....impressive!

Re: 80s Aged Red Tea

Interesting. Where did you find it?