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Topic: My tea pot

Hello all.. Very new to Yixing teaware & also drinking chinese teas..
Have recently aquired this little tea pot which i think is delightfull and intricate... I believe it is a poem written on the tea pot.

I am unsure of the clay used fr this tea pot & what tea may suit the pot best?  I would like to glean as much information about this little pot as i can and hope that perhaps a few of you here might be able to help me with that?

Before I dedicate this tea pot to one particular tea i will sample many and find which i will prefer to drink providing the tea will suit the pot .

Many thanks

edit. I cannot seem to post pictures here . They are perhaps not allowed? I use photobucket for uploads?

Re: My tea pot

Posting of pictures is allowed.

http://teadrunk.org/topic/157/how-do-i- … n-a-reply/

You should just put the image's URL inside a pair of '[img]' / '[/img]' tags.

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Re: My tea pot

I copy the picture url directly from photobucket so it already has the
img tags

i cannot get these pics to work as it does not let me send my message and says:

•Too more links in message. Allowed 0 links. Reduce number of links and post it again.

I try again today to post images but here will not let it happen.. It seems anything with address will be classed as a link and does not let message post.. I'm a bit tired of it now , shame not to be able to show tea pot to you all for your thoughts.

More help needed to post post pictures. I must be missing something critical