Topic: Prefectural differences?

Do different prefectures have certain flavors associated with their senchas? Or is there not so much difference, since everyone is using Yabukita clones?

How would you describe the difference between sencha from Shizuoka and sencha from Kagoshima, for instance?

Re: Prefectural differences?

No, not everyone is using Yabukita clones. There are some regional preferences for varietal, like Sae Midori in the south (Kagoshima) moreso than Yabukita in Uji or a mix of varietals in Shizuoka - a lot of blending happening. Uji labeled tea has to be over 50% Uji, but they also produce a lot of blended teas in the old Kyoto shops.

My picks:
Kagoshima, full body, brothy but tropical fruits. Warmer growing area makes an earlier harvest season.
Uji, traditional methods, nice long leaves, perfect balance of umami, astringency, bitter, hint of sweet.
Shizuoka,  medium body, sweeter.

These can certainly vary. Most of the fun is in drinking yourself, so, drink up.

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Re: Prefectural differences?

Thanks for the advice!

It's a relief to hear that Yabukita does not dominate anymore. A few years ago, estimates were at 75%-90% of tea grown in Japan being of Yabukita cultivar... I'm glad the growers stepped back from monoculture.

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How would one go about buying these exotic teas in Europe. How do I tell the difference from "good" Japanese tea and "commercial" japanese tea?


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Was just reading this and remembered the thread here.