Topic: Forum Manifesto / Rules

This forum is primarily intended for discussion of Chinese and Japanese teas and teaware. The goal is to create an environment that will facilitate discussion in multiple languages, and (possibly) eventually even facilitate translation of important posts or discussions from one language to another, if people are willing to volunteer their time and energy to do the translation. My hope is not to replace existing forums, but simply to provide a venue for discussion and cross-cultural exchange that doesn't really exist currently.

My hope is not to exclude newcomers, but simply to keep the focus of the forum fairly narrow. Discussion of teas from other areas (or of completely off-topic subjects) is welcome, but only in the designated forums. To ensure that this is as friendly and neutral an environment as possible, discussion of politics or politically controversial topics should be avoided, even in the off-topic forum. That's not to say that these aren't important issues, just that this is not the appropriate venue for discussing them.

Vendors are welcome to both visit and post to the forum, however they should refrain from direct self-promotion, and should identify themselves as the vendor (and stick to facts) if they're directly responding to a comment or complaint.

Brief translations of text written by others is allowed and encouraged, however, you must credit / cite your source (either by linking to the URL or by providing bibliographic information if translating a paper source). If you are the author of something translated on this site, and you object to your work being posted here, please contact the forum administrators, and we'll be happy to take down the offending post.

The use of sock puppets (i.e., creating multiple identities to agree with oneself) is not allowed; sock puppets will be removed at the discretion of the moderators.

- William Yardley, 10/31/2008





-威廉雅德利, 2008年十月三十一日
威尔斯拉克 翻 戊子年十月初七