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Hi. I noticed that there wasn't one of these, so I thought I would start one. I'm new to the site. I think I found it through one of the blogs that I follow. I don't know how involved I will be, but I will try to check out the forums every so often.

Why I am here.

We all get into tea forums for different reasons. I thought I would start a precedent of talking a little bit about why I am here. Of course I'm here because I love tea. I'm also here because I would like to spend more time with tea lovers like myself. There are not a lot of them in my area that I know of. I am also here because I have a tea blog. It is called Tea Snobbery.

So, why are you here?

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My name is Jason, I live in Los Angeles, California, and I drink mostly pu'er/heicha and oolongs, with the occasional random white/green/black tea.

I'm here because Will is a friend, and this forum has the potential to delve more seriously into Asian teas and tea brewing styles than other English-language forums around. That said, I've been terrible at neglecting reading and posting here. But, I'm around and will be posting here more often in 2011 and beyond!

I look forward to meeting and posting with the members here.


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I guess I never put my mark here. My name is Marika, I often times go by Tea Snob. I am originally from NM, but moved to Phoenix about a year ago. I love tea and also about a year ago I started a tea blog which has sort of launched me into looking at talking with other people who are into tea and so that is why I am here.

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Hi everybodies,

I currently live in Louisiana, drink a fair amount of Sencha, Gaoshan, and Wuyi Oolongs. Not much pu'er currently.
Some of you will recognize me from another locale. I'm here to learn.

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Welcome, tortoise! I definitely recognize you.

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Hello Will, hello everyone!
Last time I came to Teadrunk, hum, seems already one year ago. Now I'm looking for kinds of english expression about tea, then, bingo!!

My name is Ping, or pingounette in french, a chinese girl living in Hangzhou.
I'm a teacher in tea science in my university, well, just since months ago. And surely, I'm also a tea lover like you everybody here.

Hum, today someone tells me that, there's a group of young american coming in few days for chinese tea culture, and I would be the translator. Haha, yes I will, but before doing that job, I'm here to READ...
I know, I know, it's not good doing things in such a way, ok ok, I'll come often, and communicate with you guys here.

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Hello and welcome to everyone who has posted here!  I've posted a few times here, but I thought to introduce myself here.  I'm Alex Zorach and I run a variety of sites, including a tea blog and

I like this forum, in spite of its very low volume of posts, because it seems to be the most selective of the forums in terms of its focus on artisan teas and traditional teas, especially of the Chinese traditions.  I've already used this site as a source to consult a number of times, especially when researching topics related to Chinese teas.  I hope this forum can continue to grow a bit, while retaining its high quality of posts and scholarship, and focus on traditional and artisan teas and surrounding tea culture.

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This is my first post. I love tea and look forward to being a member of this forum

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Hello tea lovers,

I'm new here and came across this forum. I love tea and have been a part of the culture my whole life! Looking forward to learning more from others on this forum!