Topic: Link -- Translations of Chinese Tea Literature

I found a somewhat defunct small tea forum at … =Tea+Forum

I didn't see any thread less than three or four years old, so I don't think its active any more. Many of the topics are of little interest to myself, but they have a great section of Chinese poetry which I consulted in my translation, and also quite a bit of translations of Chinese Literature on tea.

At the bottom it says the forum is maintained by the Tea Man, some Martin Tai. I think it is a different Tea Man than the deceased Tea Man of . Maybe its this Tea Man: . Tea Men are ubiquitous these days.

Check out the forum if it appeals to you. If this is common knowledge in the tea community please excuse my ignorant excitement at a seemingly new (to me) resource.


Re: Link -- Translations of Chinese Tea Literature

Thank you for this resource, it's good enough. I've found many interesting indormation there.

Re: Link -- Translations of Chinese Tea Literature

I hadn't seen this resource before either, added it to my reading list. Thank you LaoChaGui! It's not t he fanciest looking site but the information I've had a chance to skim so far looks good.