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I bought a tea pot a while ago made by Mr. Hua Jian Min, husband of Ms. Dai Lin Lin. It came with a certificate and I bought from a reputable dealer but I was just wondering how to check its authenticity. I don't speak the language so, short of learning it, I don't know how to proceed. I could, if anyone would be willing to help, take some photos and upload them somewhere.

Many thanks

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I asked a question on authenticity in an earlier thread and i think it is a reasonable assumption that it is very difficult to prove once and for all the authenticity of a teapot.

Pardon me, but is the teapot maker Mr Hua Jian Min a famous potter? If so, you might like to google and compare the craftsmanship online and in other shops. It might give you a better basis to make a judgment.

Did you buy them online or through ebay? No offence intended to any businessmen here, i do think you need to get from trusted dealers. I came across this website deeho and they have some wonderful teapots. If you have any experience with them, do share as i intend to get one from them in the near future.

Some of the bigger teapot sellers may bring in yixing artists on a regular basis. If so, you might like to buy their works. At least you will be assured that these were indeed made by the potter. This appears to be a safer bet than online purchases as you also get to test out the teapots. I doubt that there is any warranty once the teapot passes into your hands.

Re: Authentic?

From what I know..Hua Jian Min specializes in kiln-color-changed and Da Lin Lin does in Gong Chun..

what can I say..IMHO, they are mediocre for the price they doubt about authenticity tho