Topic: Learning about Wuyi Tea

I am curious what sources would one go to to learn about Wuyi Yancha?  I know puerh has a dedicated set of fans which produce volumes on the subject, I guess my question is, is there a site or set of sites geared towards Wuyi teas?  Or does anyone know of have heard of a book which would give lots of information on the topic?

I did find a 5 part series on Wuyi tea culture from CCTV they even have them on the English site.

starting with this video … 1135.shtml

Thank you

Re: Learning about Wuyi Tea

What type of information are you looking for specifically?

I'm not aware of any good English language materials on the subject, really. There have been a couple of Art of Tea articles about it, but nothing really substantial. Certainly there are Chinese language books about the subject... perhaps someone has some suggestions for some that are well-regarded?

Sanzui has a sub-forum for Wuyi Yancha at, including a sticky thread with (currently broken!!) links to some other threads with information on various topics:
It's all in Chinese, though. And of course, as with any subject, not taking information on Internet forums as the absolute gospel is probably a good idea, especially when there are people who are misinformed and / or have their own sales agendas to push.

Thanks for the link of the CCTV program.