Topic: Ming Cong Wuyi

Teacuppa is selling a wuyi oolong labeled as Ming Cong with the description as "Ming Cong Oolong Tea is also from the famous wuyi oolong tea bushes. Even though it is not one of the Si Da Ming Cong but this famous tea has been around since the early days of Song Dynasty. Ming Cong Oolong Tea is a very famous tea back then. Nowadays is rarely seen in the tea market as the name is just to simple."

But when you go to babelcarp searching Ming Cong you get the response : "Ming Cong = loosely speaking, any well-known Wuyi oolong, literally Famous Bush (名丛 or 名叢); or short for Si Da Ming Cong"

So I think I more so believe babelcarp, but does anyone have any idea if what Teacuppa says is right?

Re: Ming Cong Wuyi

Mingcong is exactly what Babalcarp says it is.

I think that Teacuppa is not necessarily lying, but their explanation is a bit simplistic. There are many bushes which can be referred to as Mingcong, but they probably have a more specific name that Teacuppa neglects to include. Perhaps they are afraid it would confuse some customers.

It may also be Tieluohan, which is one of the Sida Mingcong. This name was used in the Song Dynasty.