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One thing that I would very much like to learn is the ability to distinguish cultivars/varietals by looking at the leaf. Of course I can just pay attention to the shape of the leaf of the teas that I drink, but if it's as common as they say for producers to use things like Siji in place of Jin Xuan orr others in place of TGY, then I could very well end up teaching myself the entirely wrong thing. Now I understand that TGY has a little notch on one side at the base of the leaf, but that's about all I know. Does anyone know of any good resources for learning this?

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Tenuki started doing some research on different cultivars. It would be really cool to have pictures of distinctive features, but I am afraid different processing will result in 100s of unique specimens.

His work is here.

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Some images and text of different yancha cultivars are here: (login required and doesn't work in Firefox AFAICT)

Hopefully they won't get mad at us for hotlinking... if someone wants to translate some of the description, you will get a gold star from me. I'll edit the pinyin / characters for all the names later on.
矮脚乌龙 (aǐ jiǎo wū lóng)
白鸡冠 (bái jī guān)
白牡丹 ([wuyi] bái mǔ dān)
白瑞香 (bái ruì xiāng)
半天夭 (bàn tiān yāo)
北斗 (běi dǒu)
大红袍 (dà hóng páo)
武夷金观 (wǔ yí jin (gui/guan?) ??)
金锁匙 (jīn suǒ chí)
肉桂 (ròu guì)
石x x (shí x x)
水金龟 (shuǐ jīn guī)
福建水仙 (fújiàn shuǐ xiān)
铁罗汉 (tiě luó hàn)
武夷菜茶 (wǔ yí cài chá)

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I think those links are dead - maybe this thread is the replacement?