Topic: Cultural Revolution Teapots


I came across this shuiping teapot. It has small words 'zhong guo yi xing' perpendicular to the base of the handle.

There are no marks at the bottom.

There are no marks at the inside lid.

There is no filter in the inside of the teapot.

However right inside the teapot, on the floor, is an embossed picture of Chairman Mao.

May I know if you have come across such teapots yourself?

Re: Cultural Revolution Teapots

Chairman Mao's must be from the CR, or more likely, CR imitation.

Describing how it looks like, is no use. Because imitations looks the same.

Most of the CR pots are very huge, and the amount is so few.

The only way to judge is to see a lot of genuine pots, and once again, the CR pots are very few compared to later ones (~97)

got a pic?