Topic: Teacher He's Tea factory in Lijiang, Yunnan

I saw an interesting tea cake on ebay the other day.和老师-04.jpg

ebay wrote:

A beautiful cake composed of wild material collected by Naxi tribes in the Yu Long Xue mountain near the village of Baisha (10km. north of Lijiang). Baisha's countryside is a delightfull place that hides some century old tea trees nourrished by the water of Li River.

It says the leaves are actually gathered there in the Lijiang area, but most of Teacher He's leaves come from other parts of Yunnan, and on other cakes Jingdong means the eastern part of Jingmai.

It is made by Teacher He's tea factory. Evidently he set up his factory in Lijiang, a couple hundred km north of Xiaguan because water is frresh and plentiful, so he thought he could have a good tea factory there.

I was interested in one of his shu cakes which can be viewed here. Below is the gold version of this "Grandfather Lian, you're back!" commemorative cake. This 'gold grade' has 60 grams of 10 year old menghai loose leaf mixed in with each cake to improve the flavour. They also have an interesting extra neifei in the form of a small square of gold leaf as seen below.

Don't just buy any version of the "Grandfather Lian, you're back!" cake as there are several, including at least two shu versions and at least one sheng version below.和老师-02.jpg
Does anyone know anything else about these interesting cakes and this interesting factory? It seems to be listed in a few pu'er books, but I have not heard of it until today.


Re: Teacher He's Tea factory in Lijiang, Yunnan

That is a great inner label.