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Topic: Easy Matcha latte recipe

Hi I'm kinda new on this forum so I decided to contribute.

I used to work at this high-end tea shop in my town and learned to do a bunch of different things with Matcha.
I've started this small blog where I post different Matcha recipes. Let me know what you guys think about this recipe and what could improve on the blog itself :D

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Quick and easy Matcha latte recipe

This is a quick and easy Matcha latte recipe anybody can make at home using kitchen tools you might already have at home. No longer overpay at your local Starbucks for a Matcha latte on demand at home!

This recipe makes a 1 large glass of Matcha latte.
This particular latte can be served either hot or cold, I personally prefer the hot one and can be made lactose free! I will have a link on the Matcha powder I used down below.

Matcha tea powder 1-3 heap teaspoons
Sugar 1 teaspoon

Tools needed:
Milk frother
A pouring can for the milk.
Something to drink the latte out of ofcourse

Re: Easy Matcha latte recipe

1. Dissolve the matcha properly in your glass or cup using a milk frother using about a shot or 2 of hot water, not boiling. The amount of Matcha you use depends on the grade of your Matcha and how strong you like your latte to be.

2. Add sugar to your liking to this still hot frothy and dark green Matcha and use the frother to dissolve the sugar.

3. Use any time of milk you like, however I do find that regular milk froths the best.
Heat up your milk depending on whether you are serving your latte hot or cold and froth your milk.
If you plan to drink this on a regular basis I highly suggest buying an automatic milk frother, these tend to be faster, warms the milk for you to the perfect temperature so it never gets too hot and you can do the milk in the automatic frother and the Matcha powder with the handheld frother at the same time.

4.Gently pour the frothy milk into the glass or cup you have the dissolved Matcha in and pretend you’re making beautiful latte art like in the picture above.

5.Stir a little bit with a teaspoon beneath the froth at the top and enjoy!