Topic: Assistance Identifying unknown Whole Leaf Chinese tea

Hi there,

Unfortunately I do not speak or read Chinese and I am having difficulty understanding the type and brand name of a whole leaf Chinese tea. I received a container (refer to avatar) of tea as a gift and have fallen in love with the taste, it’s the best. I would like to purchase more, however I have no understanding of the brand or name of the tea product for the matter

Appreciate if anybody on this forum is generous enough to translate and resolve my problem

Re: Assistance Identifying unknown Whole Leaf Chinese tea

Hi Keef! Welcome.

I moved your questions into this topic (from the green / oolong forums), and will close the duplicate thread. I've got good news and bad news for you....

First of all, the picture currently in your avatar (which is sideways) says: 宜兴红茶 (yixing hongcha); this is red (in Chinese terms) tea, better known in the West as black tea.  Yixing, of course, is the area famous for its stoneware teapots and other wares, and this is a local tea made there. You will also see it referred to as yangxian red tea.

I love this tea. The good news is that it tends to be fairly affordable. The bad news is that it isn't super common outside of that general area, and there aren't a ton of Internet sources (The Mandarin's Tea used to sell one, not sure if it's in stock, and Jing Tea Shop (the China one) had one at some point; not sure if they still do. I was still able to find it on my last trip to Shanghai, but I wasn't super happy with the particular example I found, so didn't buy any. There may be some other online sources, but I don't have any that I can specifically recommend.

Hope this helps, and let us know if you find anything comparable.

While it's (comparatively) expensive and maybe a tiny bit less fruity, the unsmoked type of lapsang souchang (zhenshan xiaozhong) is not terribly far off, and would be easier to order online.

As far as the specific brand, I'm guessing you won't be able to get it easily, but I'll try to waive the # of posts restriction so that you can post bigger images; I can't make out any of the small writing in your avatar picture.