Topic: Thanks to the admins!

Just wanted to post a quick thanks to the admin here at teadrunk. I love stumbling across small communities online, it always makes me wonder what else is waiting out there!

It's cool to see how this place has been open for a long time.

Is there anything I can do to help promote the forum to help it reach more people?

Re: Thanks to the admins!

Thanks, glad you like it. Honestly, we don't really get anything other than spam / bots here these days; never really hit critical mass. I think these days, a lot of discussion is moving to FB groups etc.

My original aim was threefold:
1) To provide a forum not connected to specific vendors (though Adagio has done a great job of not ruling Teachat with a heavy hand)
2) To provide a place for language / cultural exchange and to facilitate translation.
3) To provide a place for focused discussion of the specific types of teas that are interesting to me and many of my friend.

I think #3 might have kept some people away from posting, even though the intent wasn't to create something that was unwelcoming to newcomers.

At this point, I don't think it's likely that we'll see a big spike in traffic. Still, I have been keeping the forum alive just in case it's helpful to people, so thanks for posting.

For those who use an RSS reader or similar tool, it should be possible to follow new posts from here, which may make it easier to notice if there are new posts (since it's not high-traffic).