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in the last time, I tried some different kind of pu´erh tea, which I like much. So I bought some more from a vendor
in Germany. It was a sheng pu´erh from 2003. At the beginning, as I drunk that tea daily, the tast had a mellow and round character. But during 2 or 3 month, the tea turned into a bitter and hard tast, as all aroma was "dried" out. I stored the tea in a normal tea-bag and put that into a tin can. The idea was, to give some breathing from the can, which is not full close, but provide some protection from strong changes concerning the temperature. The result was that "dead" tea.

When I store pu´erh tea just for the normal use, and without the aim of a longer aging process, what would you say is a good possibility to do so? To use aluminium foiled bags, which are totally close? Is tea in these bags conserved and stays in the condition, I bought it?

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Re: question about short storage

I don't want to leave Tropheus answerless so I will attempt to create discussion.

It sounds like the result of a low humidity environment.  Do you live somewhere where the climate tends to be a little arid?  I don't know if it is possible for puerh to dry up in such a short period of time.  I know if you leave your puerh in low humidity for several years they will dry out and become "dead." 

You said you drink it daily.  Perhaps you are just getting a little tired of the tea.  I know if I drink the same tea too much it starts to taste bland/bitter/altogether boring. 

I wish you the best of luck.