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Topic: Ben Shan Yixing Teapot

So I bought this a couple weeks ago and have been using it to brew my Taiwanese Formosa teas... I was just wondering, is that the best kind of tea to brew in it? Would it be better if I switch to Wuyi, Sheng, or Shu? Even Hong or Bai cha?

Well, I actually can't even figure out how to post up pictures but on jas-etea.com, it's the Ben Shan Green Clay Xi Shi teapot.

Re: Ben Shan Yixing Teapot


You would have to host the photo somewhere else, then embed it using the 'img' bbcode. http://teadrunk.org/topic/157/how-do-i- … n-a-reply/

I don't know if there's a firm answer to your question, but how do you like the results with the tea you're brewing in it now?