Topic: next try...

Hello there...

some time is gone, since I´ve visited this page... unfortunately I had no time to spend constant attention
for the different posts.

To introduce myself: I´am a 29 years old man (?!?), who just has finished a school of chemical/laboratory education.
So, I hope, there will be more time to get familiar with this forum.

The way of tea started for me, as my mother bought a simple kind of japanese kyusu and a smal amount of chinese green tea, flavoured with jasmine. The first tries were very strange, because I did not know about special temperatures and the right amount of tea. So, the internet became the first spring for informations.

A point, that makes me kind of sad: apart from the internet, I have no other tea-loving person, to share experience and joy of drinking asian tea. Some talks with tea-vendors, mostly about e-mail...that´s not satisfying!!!

The last time, I explored the world of pu´erh tea: some young (De Hong Purple 2008, Bulang 2010...) and some middel-aged between 90´s-2001´s...but as with the most oolong´s it takes a lot of time, to reach a acceptable level of flavour, even I have no serious exchange with others...

Does anyone of you people know some tea-loving persons in Germany??

Best wishes,