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Topic: Have you heard the tea about Huangjin Gui?

Huangjin Gui is a premium variety of Chinese oolong tea traditionally from Anxi in Fujian province. Named after the yellow golden color of its budding leaves and its unique flowery aroma, said to be reminiscent of Osmanthus. This oolong is similar to Tieguanyin, with only a little oxidation. Consequently, it has a very flowery, delicate aroma without the astringency of a green tea or the heaviness of a Red/Black Tea.
Our tea has a special tea aroma, which is emitted from dry tea leaf or brewing tea. This kind of tea aroma, making people refreshing and soothed and relaxed, is belong to a beauty of smell  from refreshing sense. You’ll impressed by the aroma which has stayed for a long time between your teeth and throat. The tea liquid is light and brilliant, with its Sweet perfumes are diffused all around.
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