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I'm new at tea and when I tried my first puerh, something weird happened. At first I thought it was just a coincidence but after four different tastes of a two-year-old puerh, it became obvious it was the tea that was doing it: my liver -or my gallbladder- protests like I had eaten too much fat or drank too much.
I tried at four different moments in the day; after or before a meal or right in the middle of the day. I'm generally in good shape.

Have you heard anything about that?
Would it be the same with an old ripe puerh?

I'm disappointed because I enjoy the taste.

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Do you mean like a stomach ache? Definitely a lot of people find that their system doesn't take kindly to a lot of young sheng. The particular tea seems to matter somewhat too. I wouldn't say that it's a hard and fast rule never to drink it, but I think it's a good rule to listen to your body - if a particular tea or type of tea doesn't agree with you, you should probably avoid it. Personally, I don't drink that stuff (dry-stored young sheng) very often or in large quantities. Other people do and seem to have no problems with it. Definitely avoid drinking young sheng on an empty stomach if possible. If this is all with one tea (sounds like it is), you might also want to just try a different tea.

There are some TCM considerations - I believe the best explanation I've heard is that it's very, very cold qi (more so than normal green tea). There was a good discussion about it on the Livejournal community, which featured some comments by someone who knows a lot more about this than I do, but last time I looked for it, I couldn't find it.

I would try some other types of puer (some well-stored aged (>15 years) sheng if you can afford some small samples, some decent shu with a couple of years on it, and maybe some 5-10 year old sheng with a little more wet / humid storage) -- all of these will likely be mellower and earthier than what you tried, and also easier on your system.

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Thank you, I'll try to find the post you mentioned on Livejournal, I haven't suscribe to that community yet because of that liver thing.  Yes,  I meant that part, not the stomach which I had heard about before, but the effect is not the same as some stomachache. Anyway it is where the liver is, right side, not central.
I'll definitely try an old sheng sample.

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An interesting side effect when drinking some ripe Haiwan 2009 No.1/901 was that I got very, very lethargic afterwards. I had not had that happen before.  Usually I am energized.

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I've noticed that with younger sheng I have a harder time with it. I get more gas, I get more pains in various places. I tend to try to make sure that I have a ten year old Puer or older. Not to mention I don't really like the taste of younger puers. They have not mellowed enough. I find something about them much rougher than older Puers.

I have never heard of getting liver issues from drinking young sheng though. This may be a stupid question, but do you have any kind of sensitivity to caffeine? I have heard of liver pains when people who are caffeine sensitive drink something with too much caffeine for them.

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I'm a bit late in the game here, but I have a few thoughts.

1-Try chocolate! I know it sounds weird, but for the puerh stomach and heach aches, a Master in Malaysia recommended chocolate, and it works for me. Maybe it will help you?

2-A lot of people actually get sleepy from puerh. It was explained to me that it has to do with how the bacteria change the chemical structure of the tea, causing the caffeine to metabolize differently. Puerh jazzes me up, especially old sheng, but I know many people that have the opposite effect! I recently spent some time with Liu Bao for the first time, and despite my puerh tolerance, it hit me like a neewb! I was teadrunk all day!

3-Everyone is different. I know a guy who fall asleep when he drinks coffee. Maybe you just don't respond to puerh, or maybe something is wrong with your body, and puerh just highlights it. I recently tasted a cousin to the tea plant (it only grows on this one remote Chinese island) called "1 leaf tea", and if your body is balanced it is supposed to have a sweet taste, and if your body is out of whack, a bitter taste. Or something like that.

Good luck and happy sipping!

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Just like any tea, one need  to really listen to the body. I have met a famous Chinese doctor who warned people with weaker stomache or acidic prone type to drink less raw puer or unfermented tea like green, white or certain oolong. People with heaty liver prone problem should also avoid tea that has been prepared over high heat during processing, try to drink tea that has aged aged over a year or so.. I have observed certain tea like wuyi yan cha and sheng puer create a certain gassy or indigestion bloatiness in my liver area and when I stop drinking, they just go away.  I have also heard many cases of hemorrhoids getting worst from drinking sheng puer and wuyi yan cha. The doctor advice is to listen to your body and to eat some food before drinking tea, never on a empty stomach, and also go easy on the number of cups as we all tea lovers know we can get carried away during a tea session with good tea and good company. Let's drink to good health,

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My stomach did not get upset, but I started getting flutters on my neck and feeling lightheaded.  I really wanted to be able to drink this tea, because of its benefits, but I could not handle the caffeine in it.  I think I'm too sensitive to caffeine. is there anything else I can drink that has similar benefits?

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You must note that Pu-erh tea contain some amount of fluorine. So, you must also follow any difference to your teeth or bones because these can be affected by fluorine.

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If it's the sensitivity to caffeine then try to skip the first 2 brews. Generally most of the caffeine will be extracted in the first two steeps. Ideally of course you would like to be drinking with friends to avoid wasting the first steeps. I generally tend to brew lighter brews in the evening by reducing the steeping time. This might be also a good one for you.

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