it is a little bit annoyng. On some web pages, they are writing, that white tea doesnt undergo heat fixation of any kind (i.e. steaming) and after plucking is only dried. On others it is written that white tea undergoes steaming right after the plucking and doesnt undergo withering.

so...can someone provide an authoritarive link ? Who is right?


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consuming green tea decrease the propability of forming kidney stones, for example see this: … ney-stones

however, there was hypothesis, that it might increase the chance, because tea contains oxalates (small amounts compared to many other foods). But several studies confirmed the opposite so there must be some more important factor so the overall effect is decreasing the chance of getting kidney stones. For more information you can see this article: … ey-stones/

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sometimes you drink tea and good taste is not your priority --- priority can be to energize yourself, for example. If you want to maximize the caffeine intake, you will end up with "undrinkable" tea. There is just no other way.

and of course, i totally agree, for everyone "good taste"  is something different


i was unable to found out on what occasions is tea ceremony held TODAY (21st century..) in Japan. Is it performed only for tourists or do the Japanese do it for themselves too?