I believe in China these days "功夫茶" is used more often.

If it's the sensitivity to caffeine then try to skip the first 2 brews. Generally most of the caffeine will be extracted in the first two steeps. Ideally of course you would like to be drinking with friends to avoid wasting the first steeps. I generally tend to brew lighter brews in the evening by reducing the steeping time. This might be also a good one for you.

A new year just started. Let's take this chance to discuss what teaware everyone is planning to buy. What are your plans? Will stick to the usual steepers you have or invest in some new ones? What's reason behind your planned new purchases? Do you simply buy to add new stuff to your collection or do you think new teaware can improve the flavour and aroma of the tea you steep?


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When buying loose leaf green tea at a good price, try to avoid the famous tea regions. Of course, they're famous for a reason, but nowadays less known tea regions still produce really good tea. Take for example a maojian green tea from Xinyang.