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found your pot Kongle! Looks strikingly similar.

Yeah, that must be it, lucky not worth very much :P  .. do you think its safe for everyday use?? Do you think ( i guess will never know ) if they add the addictive in the clay ?? I read they say the Pb(lead) and Cd (Cadmium) in the new clays can be toxic ?? What are you guy's view on this ?? Many thanks

Hi, I am new to zhuni and zisha collecting and really need as much help as possible please.

I am currently in Guangzhou China and one of my relative's friends has given me an old small pot that I really like. I am guessing it is zhuni by the sound of it. Youtube link HERE for the sound test

Can anyone confirm whether it is or any other clay? Whether it has any value? Since I got it as a gift if it has any value I'd like to give a similar value gift back to the person who gifted it to me. Unfortunately the previous owner was given it as well and he knows nothing about it since he was not into tea at all.

Here are the photos. Thanks for all your expertise and help on this.