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Can posts be made to offer sale of collectors teapots?


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Hi All,
I am new to this forum.
I bought a teapot from China Town (Chicago).
The craftsmanship is not very good but I love Fang Gu Style.
It similar to sesame clay maybe called Zhi Ma Ni, A dark beige like pot with a grainy feel.
This pot seaps tea through the clay, it sweats. This brings to question why I see my other poats texture is different from inside to out. Aren't zisha pots suppose to be unglazed?

Could I also have a contact for yixing teapt identification, ete, clay seals artists?
Also bought a pot made by (so he said) Xu Hantang, How can I authenticate?

Thanks much for any help

will add photos when I figure out how.