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gn? wrote:

I would say Ebay is the last place to go looking for a decent yixing.

Not true. There are some good vendors in there.

Wisdom China

Thanks again. I have noticed that as well. I just shot them an e-mail. I am crossing fingers for a delivery to Australia.

I will be using the Gaiwan for myself and maybe one guest. In this last case, can I get away with 90mL?

Thanks for your recommendation which I will follow as I came across some of your posts over at Tea Chat :). Could you please recommend me a reputable online dealer which sell quality tea ware and packages their stuff properly. Last thing I want on earth is a fragile eggshell porcelain getting broken during delivery.

Btw, what size of gaiwan would you recommend me? 90mL, 100mL or 120mL?

I normally brew longjing greens and was thinking of swopping to a proper teapot instead of my Western style one which doesn't allow the air to circulate inside the pot properly during brewing time.

What would you recommend me? A a gaiwan or a teapot? And which of the following materials:

1. Celadon
2. Porcelain
3. Glass

Any other suggestions and corrections are more than welcome as I am not a tea expert.

Thanks in advance.