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Topic: Yixing Or Not

Hi All,
I am new to this forum.
I bought a teapot from China Town (Chicago).
The craftsmanship is not very good but I love Fang Gu Style.
It similar to sesame clay maybe called Zhi Ma Ni, A dark beige like pot with a grainy feel.
This pot seaps tea through the clay, it sweats. This brings to question why I see my other poats texture is different from inside to out. Aren't zisha pots suppose to be unglazed?

Could I also have a contact for yixing teapt identification, ete, clay seals artists?
Also bought a pot made by (so he said) Xu Hantang, How can I authenticate?

Thanks much for any help

will add photos when I figure out how.

Re: Yixing Or Not

First of all, welcome. Things are pretty quiet here these days, so you may want to also post over at Teachat if you haven't already.

I'm sure there are folks here who have more expertise than I, but I think authenticating a pot is difficult even in person, and even for experts.

As far as the clay type, I haven't usually seen even fairly coarse duanni pots have tea actually seep through the pot.

Zisha pots generally are unglazed (though there are examples of glazed or decorated antique zisha pots), but often the texture of the outside is burnished, so a different texture can be achieved between the inside and outside. Usually the inside is rougher and has toolmarks, and the outside is often smooth.