Topic: Matcha suppliers in Canada?

I live in a Canadian city, and I'm looking for places that I might be able to order matcha green tea online that will ship to Canada. I usually get it from David's Tea but I feel like I might be able to find a more affordable option for the same or higher quality.


Re: Matcha suppliers in Canada?

I don't follow Japanese teas much, but heard Ok things about Ippodo ( I think if you search the archives on Teachat, you'll find some more suggestions. There are a lot of folks there who really know their matcha.

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Re: Matcha suppliers in Canada?

My favourite matcha… google can't link up websites..
The Momo Usucha is as good as matcha gets.,yes i have Ippodo..or save a little and get the Momo Matsu..even the Momo Take"kinda bit too grassy though"is better than anything david or teavana ever tasted.

Or if your in Toronto pick some up at Nohohon tea room.

Re: Matcha suppliers in Canada?

Camellia Sinensis tea house is based in Quebec and deliver everywhere in Canada. I love their teas! If you've never been to their place, you must go!